Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Born Loser: Did you find a puck so we can play hockey?

The Born Loser is not the worst strip in the comics section, but it is probably the hackiest. So it's not exactly a surprise to see a holiday fruitcake joke today. It's just kind of sad.


  1. Hackiest (great word, btw) and either least respect for the readers or least confidence in his own art. Is "so we can play hockey" really necessary? Maybe if he drew a hockey stick so we can clearly identify it, it wouldn't be and we could for once have a strip that doesn't suffer from stilted, unnatural dialog.

    Of course Born Loser is not the only comic that suffers from mangled dialog in an attempt to set up a joke. But if I pointed out every time it comes up, I'd have a lot of very similar comments here.

    Also, fruitcake, amirite??

  2. Hackiest may or may not be a real word, but I can't take credit for inventing it. I've seen it used several times.

    And yes, Sampson doesn't appear to have much confidence in his readers' ability to figure out what's going on. The archives on this fine blog pretty much prove that.