Saturday, May 30, 2009

Girls and Sports: Marshall, you're not sensitive enough for me.

This comic is hilarious because it reinforces gender stereotypes and titillates with intimations of hot cartoon lesbian sex.*

*Shameless search engine whoring.

Family Circus: Mommy, my socks don't agree with each other!

This cartoon is hilarious because Dolly doesn't speak like a normal human being.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Marmaduke: Remember, this one is for ME.

This cartoon is hilarious because Marmaduke is living in Pleasantville?

Family Circus: I have $7.35 in my bank, Mommy. Do you think I should get a financial advisor?

This cartoon is hilarious because the value of money is relative.

Frank and Ernest and Brewster Rockit: Fun--and not so much fun--with puns.

All puns are bad. Take the above installment of the always awful Frank and Ernest, for example.

But some puns are so bad they're good. Stephen Pastis is the master, but Tim Rickard pulls of some pretty decent punnery, too.

The difference between bad puns and so-bad-they're-good puns lies mostly in the set-up. The better the set-up, the funnier the pun. The set-up in that Frank and Ernest is just lazy, and so the pun comes off as lazy, too. The set-up in Brewster Rockit, meanwhile, is so absurd and unexpected that the pun is sort of funny. Likewise, the set-up in the linked Pearls Before Swine is so ornate that the pun is sort of funny. In each case, it's not really the pun that produces the humor, but all the obvious and self-conscious effort the author put into the set-up to make the pun work.

On its own, a pun is a just a pun, after all. And everybody knows puns suck. The trick to making them funny is taking them seriously.

Pickles: Oh...I forgot to tell you. I accidentally opened the box from the bottom.

Ever since I came to this realization, Pickles has genuinely depressed the fuck out of me.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Born Loser: Can anyone tell me what the word "rotunda" means?

This comic is hilarious because Wilberforce has poor vocabulary.

Family Circus: The best thig about how this tastes is its flavor.

This cartoon is hilarious because Dolly has poor vocabulary.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pluggers: You're a plugger if you get your daily water requirement with your daily meds.

This cartoon is hilarious because pluggers are disease-ridden drug addicts.

Alternatively, this cartoon is hilarious because without government-funded healthcare, most pluggers would be dead. And yet they oppose government-funded healthcare for others.

Brewster Rockit: The rise of the appliances!

While not quite as thematically challenging, Brewster Rockit is far funnier than Battlestar Galactica ever was.

Family Circus: Oh boy! We have enough good stuff left to have another garage sale next week!

Shut up, Billy. Just shut the fuck up.

Also, Thel appears to be wearing a corset. Given the Keanes' yen for both nostalgia and kinkiness, this would not surprise me.

Cathy: Aack!!

And the answer to this question appears to be a resounding no.

Ziggy: ?

What. The. Fuck?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Family Circus: Quick, Dolly! Run in the house and bring me your piggy bank.

This cartoon is hilarious because Thel is stealing her daughter's money.

(And will this damn garage sale ever end?)

Cathy: Aren't you a, self-conscious?

So Cathy's mother-in-law is a far better role-model than Cathy is. Does Cathy Guisewite realize this?

Beetle Bailey: These are leftovers from yesterday's leftovers!

Is this meta-humor referencing the fact that this lame joke is eight years old? Or is it just a lame eight-year-old joke?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Family Circus: Mommy! Daddy just sold the $10 pole lamp to that lady for $5!

This comic is hilarious because Bill has finally engineered that long-elusive threesome.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shoe: Senator, your latest bill is nothing but pork.

This comic brought to you by John McCain's Twitter feed and the Republican National Committee.

Pickles: Earl, which would you rather have go first, your mind or your body?

This comic is hilarious because Earl has Alzheimer's, and Pickles is revealed to be the sad chronicle of his slow and miserable death.

Family Circus: Thel! The doormat isn't for sale, is it?

This cartoon is hilarious because garage sales sure are hectic, aren't they? Especially when they last an entire fucking week. But that's what happens when you have so many hilarious jokes to tell.