Saturday, August 28, 2010

Family Circus: Goodbye, ocean! 'Bye, beach! So long, gulls!

And so I have managed to miss the entirety of the the annual Keane family vacation. On the one hand, I feel somewhat irresponsible, as I know that this blog is the primary source of entertainment for many Internet denizens. On the other hand, that's around 60 Family Circus cartoons I will never have to read, and that feels pretty good.

Anyway, the long national nightmare is over, and as of today this blog is back up and running.

Edge City: I keep thinking of all the awful things that could HAPPEN.

This comic is hilarious because Mama Edge is worried that her children will get kidnapped, raped and murdered.

9 Chickweed Lane: I said, "Don't forget me, Eva."

It's possible I'd be more moved by this story if I didn't know that it was going to end with a week's worth of elderly hand-fucking.

Dennis the Menace: Better let Mom win, Dad, or we'll be eatin' leftovers for dinner.

This cartoon is hilarious because women are spiteful and hold men hostage with their singular ability to cook food.