Monday, June 7, 2010

La Cucaracha: Marmaduke, here I come...

I actually think Marmaduke is better than La Cucaracha. Each comic has a fairly limiting premise--"big dog" in the former, "cockroach that rants about politics" in the latter--that's rarely funny on its own. But despite all of La Cucaracha's various gimmicks (correspondence, politicians monologueing, Boondocks homages, etc.), it doesn't have offer any departure from its basic premise funnier than Marmaduke's more surreal turns.

So to sum up, Marmaduke riding on top of train is funny. An angry panda taking lazy jabs at Marmaduke, not so much.*

*And yes, I realize "an angry panda taking lazy jabs at Marmaduke" is a mere angry panda short of describing this fine blog.

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