Monday, June 7, 2010

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith: Harpees.

I imagine the brainstorming session for today's Snuffy Smith went something like this:
Cartoonist A: OK, our punchline is purty gud. But I reckon we need a little background humor.

Cartoonist B: Welp, they're gunna be holdin' some fashion magazines, ain't they?

Cartoonist A: Sure.

Cartoonist B: Welp, why not make up some funny names fer 'em that sound like th' name o' REAL fashion magazines?

Cartoonist A: Hey there, that's a great idea!

Cartoonist B: Vogue can become Vague...

Cartoonist A: That's hi-larious!

Cartoonist B: And Bazaar can become Bizarre...

Cartoonist A: Ho ho! You're on a roll now!

Cartoonist B: And ... um ... hmm ...

Cartoonist A: Welp, how's about, er, that there Harper's magazine.

Cartoonist B: Harper's, eh? Is that a fashion magazine?

Cartoonist A: I reckon it must be.

Cartoonist B: Sure. Sure, you must be right. All magazines is about fashion these days, ain't they?

Cartoonist A: They sure are.

Cartoonist B: Welp, then we'll call it Harpees.

Cartoonist A: Ooh, Harpees! That's terrific! It sounds just like a derog'tory word for women!

Cartoonist B: And a lot like a sex'lly transmitted disease!

1 comment:

  1. It must say something about me that the second syllable of the magazine name in that last panel is what stuck in my head. I didn't think of either "herpes" or "harpies." :P