Sunday, April 25, 2010

FoxTrot: I have no floppy drive.

It should go without saying, given that it's a golf joke and all, that this is not the greatest FoxTrot. That said, FoxTrot has been a pretty reliable comic over the years. So go read this interview with Bill Amend:

GD: While the Fox family characters have grown and evolved over their story arcs, they haven’t aged. Jason sometimes seems a bit older than his 10 years, but he’s still young enough to be wrapped up in the things he’s always loved without having outgrown them. As a result, you’ve got a character who played with original Star Wars toys but was still a kid when the prequels came out; who donned a costume for The Lord of the Rings movies; and who recently fell in love with Avatar, all without ever having had to grow up. Frankly, I’m a little jealous. Did you ever wonder if it was time to age the characters to reflect the real world?

BA: Jason has also gotten to see every movie for the past 22 years at the child’s ticket price. We cartoonists have to watch our budgets, you know. One of the advantages comic strip kids have over, say, kids in TV sitcoms, is the actors don’t age and mess everything up. When I created FoxTrot, I picked the kids’ ages for specific reasons and to create specific dynamics between them. Aging the characters wouldn’t necessarily be “bad,” but it would change everything, and I’m not inclined to do that. Besides, on a selfish level, I like getting to view the world through the excitable eyes of a nerdy 10-year-old as part of my job.

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