Sunday, April 25, 2010

Family Circus: And God bless...

In today's Family Circus, we flash back to a simpler time, back when Jeffy cared about more than just his insatiable bloodlust. Here we see him expressing love for the outside world with the same sort of long, insipid prayer Evangelical churches everywhere specifically teach children to pray. I happen to agree with Bill that this is pretty stupid. But we know that Bill does not necessarily handle such frustrations gracefully. And so instead of gently correcting Jeffy and teaching him to pray in a more succinct, less stupid way, Bill most likely rose up, smacked Jeffy upside the head and bellowed, "You fucking moron! What the fuck do you care about those fucking people for! For all I care, you can fucking cut off their heads and eat their livers raw!"

And poor stupid Jeffy, whose only true desire had been to please his harsh and demanding father, took the words to heart. Now of course, his only true desire is the flesh of innocent victims, because once you get the taste, there's no turning back. But this cartoon shows that there was once hope for the little douche before the demons of Keaneville took their savage toll.


  1. I'm much more amazed that the Keane compound would allow children to watch those yellow-skinned heathens on FOX.

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