Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cul de Sac: I don't see what's wrong with being grabby.

This comic is a perfect example of why Cul de Sac is so great.

The first panel highlights the specificity of the characterization. Grabbiness is, of course, a problem lots of children have. But it's something that Alice, specifically, would have a problem with.

The second panel highlights the expressiveness of the drawing. Look at those eyes. Look at that hair. Look at the tiny little mouth. Look at the little lines around the rabbit. It's completely clear what's happening, and it's completely clear what's about to happen.

And the third panel highlights the smartness of the dialog. It would have been easy, and still funny, to just see Alice screaming. Instead, we get an even funnier description of that scream. "An inhuman cry of anger, betrayal, horror and thwarted grabbiness" is just great, great writing.

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