Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blondie: I still can't believe a baseball player turned down 25 million dollars a year!

While we may never discover just what exactly it is that Dagwood does for work, today's comic rather definitively rules out the possibility that he is any sort of agent.

Also, yes, how we all miss the good old days when baseball players played for the love of the game and died penniless wretches, while team owners did everything they could to avoid paying them more, all the while getting filthy rich off of their labors.* Truly, that was the natural order of things.

*To some extent, of course, this is as questionable a myth as the one Dagwood peddles above. The question is, why is Dagwood's myth so much more popular nowadays?


  1. On popularity, I'd say that the contract sizes for baseball players are quite transparent and make for easy, regularly occurring, headlines. On the other hand we have no real idea how much money owners make. This would seem to explain easily why Dagwood's myth is more popular.

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