Thursday, May 20, 2010

9 Chickweed Lane: Ich liebe dich.

This is actually very similar to the way I asked my wife to marry me (excepting the whole "Let's move to Austria" thing), so I'm glad to see it held up here as an example of a romantic proposal.

Speaking of 9 Chickweed Lane, I had a number of issues with the early portion of this story, but as it's gone along, it has improved a great deal. Since many of my past complaints had to do with what I saw as questionable depictions of gender relations, it seems only fair to point out that Brooke McEldowney has done a good job over the last month showing Edie moving on and living her life as a fully capable and independent human being. Of course, we're also told that she was waiting for Bill the whole time, but that's more a trapping of genre than anything else; she was waiting for Bill, but both Bill and Keisl were also waiting for her. This is a love triangle, after all.

Keisl is far preferable to Bill, by the way. So of course she'll end up with Bill.

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