Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hi and Lois: Everything has a cost.

On its face, today's Hi and Lois might seem absurd. But, in fact, it's quite astute. All of the problems facing the country today really can be traced back to the public library, which was the first in a long line of progressive movements designed to lead the United States of America into socialist bondage. Yes, I know it's hard to remember now, but there really was once a time when people were free in this country, back before Obama and civil rights and medicare and social security and feminism and the abolition of slavery and libraries.

Like all of those other programs, and as this comic so beautifully depicts, the purpose of the public library* is to destroy the free market, thus putting every company out of business, thus rendering everybody unemployed, thus forcing people to become dependent on the state, thus providing justification to grow the state even more and impose even more crippling taxes, thus forcing even more dependency, thus making people lazy, thus destroying people's souls, thus destroying religion, thus killing God, thus leading us all into the terrible, gaping maw of destruction, which is, of course, precisely the situation we face today.

*One of the first of which was instituted by that notorious communist, Benjamin Franklin.


  1. Ironically, it's far more likely that "Corner Books" was forced out of business by Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. But we mustn't criticize our precious free markets, must we?

  2. Lois has a UConn T-shirt on today, May 29th. Coincidence with their NCAA basketball violation charges?