Monday, December 28, 2009

Mark Trail: Mark, am I glad to see you!

And so, after reaching its apex with a little lawman-beating fisticuffs, this story has rapidly turned to suck. It was inevitable, but it's still kind of sad to see.

Lest we forget, it all began with this. At which point Mark drove off what appeared to be a cliff. Only it turned out to be a two-foot-high rock bank. But then there was the very dangerous combination of a flat tire and a frolicking puppy. At which point Rusty got hurt. OH NO, THE JACK IS BROKEN! At which point Mark breaks into a convenience store. Where he gets hit on the head with a wrench by a walking, talking plot device who gives way to the cigar-chomping sheriff seen above. Who throws Mark in jail as Rusty continues to melt rapidly. Fisticuffs! More melting Rusty. Grand theft auto! And now, here we are, with Mark and the Sheriff teaming up to save Rusty's no-doubt magically restored body. Like I said, inevitable but sad.

1 comment:

  1. You know, Mark and the sheriff are both surprisingly spry considering that they just suffered head injuries.

    Also, I think they should take this opportunity to drown Sassy. Nobody would be the wiser.