Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mark Trail: Tell it to the judge tomorrow!

This is the part of every Mark Trail story where I get irrationally excited over the prospect of Rusty finally dying horribly. "This is it!" I say. "There's NO WAY he can escape a horrible but entertaining death this time!" But, of course, he always does.

Even with Rusty's imminent rescue taken into account, however, this is nonetheless the Greatest Mark Trail Story Ever. If you have to ask why, you just haven't been paying attention. Over the course of the last week or so, it has somehow meanderingly escalated from a pleasant drive along the seashore to Mark being harassed by a cigar chomping lawman as Rusty slowly disintegrates under a car.

The thing of it is, this really is Mark Trail at its best. It's ridiculous and it's pretty terrible art, but I refuse to believe that anybody could read this particular story and not be entertained.

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