Monday, December 21, 2009

Family Circus: By my calculations, their Christmas lists so far will cost $15,631.87.

I've mentioned this in the comments here before, but it's worth pointing out in an actual post that it's not really surprising that everybody hates the Keane kids, given that Keane Inc. seems to hate the Keane kids too. Take this cartoon, for example, in which we discover that they are a gaggle of greedy little fucks. Indeed, Keane Inc. repeatedly sides with the parents, repeatedly casts the kids as stupid, and sometimes, as seen here, even suggests that the kids represent everything that's wrong with the world. If we find the children contemptible, it's because we have been given ample reason to believe that they are in fact contemptible.

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  1. Here's a concept, you poor put-upon Daddy Keane: you don't have to buy them every single item on the list. Our lists were always suggestions, when we were kids.