Saturday, June 27, 2009

Working Daze: Sure, right after I finish my vacation.

I've always suspected that Scott Roberts enjoys drawing the female characters in Working Daze just a little too much.

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  1. I've already suggested to John that we back off the cheesecake gags a bit, but if he says 'Dana is in a bikini," I want it to be convincing, By that I mean I want her to look like she has some physical volume, and isn't some plastic ideal. And she has the positive self image to wear an outfit like that. Not all of the women in the strip would. Do I enjoy drawing them? Sure, but it's not a Playboy gag. Perhaps I still feel like I have something to prove. When I took over on the art, a number of readers howled in protest because they missed the 'hot babes' they felt the previous artists drew. First off, I didn't agree. I felt his characters were much more rubbery and unreal. Secondly, I thought they were reading for the wrong reasons. But I still felt like I needed to show what real women don't have one inch waists, pencil thin necks, and bust lines like plastic cones.