Friday, June 26, 2009

Family Circus: I CAN'T act my age if I don't know how my age is s'posed to act.

Despite certain lapses, cartoons such as this, which seem to depict flashes of actual brain functionality, clearly indicate that Billy is by far the smartest of the Keane children. And probably of the Keane clan in general, given that the adults have shown no such flashes.


  1. Do the Keanes not let their children associate with other children? Are they home-schooled and not allowed to play at the park? Does Billy not know his identical twin Dennis?

  2. But while Billy certainly knows other seven-year-olds, the issue is that no seven-year-old acts how he's "s'posed" to act. Billy is merely pointing out that Thel's emotionally charged criticism of his behavior is too vague to be meaningful.