Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beetle Bailey: Originally published in 1969.

Just in case you were wondering whether Beetle Bailey's rambling Sunday strips or Sarge's struggles with his sexuality were anything new, the answer is, er, not so much.


  1. Mort Walker, a greasy little man. That's a lot of setup to get two fat naked guys in front of a crowd of pert-breasted and wasp-waisted women.

    And just what did they "learn"? About sweaty dewlaps? Please don't tell me it's about how Sarge and nameless fat guy with the blond perm are hung. Even for a 1969 newspaper funnies page, the pretense that these soldiers don't know what a man looks like would be too coy to tolerate.

  2. For additional weirdness, a few years later a writer named Dick Malmgren copied this exact story -- I mean beat for beat, even the same punchline -- in a "Betty and Veronica" comic. I wonder if he could have been ghostwriting for Walker? I hope so, because that's better than him ripping off a Mort Walker comic.