Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blondie: Ready? Ready for what?

Looking through the archives, it appears that Blondie is the rare comic that's at its worst in the Sunday strips. Never a bastion of originality, Sunday's the day when Dean Young Inc. breaks out their hoariest old tropes. Today we get the always hilarious "Ha ha, men can't remember dates that are important to their wives!" joke, previously used all of two weeks ago.


  1. I especially like panel 6 in this strip. Apparently Dagwood's idea of fixing things around the house is hitting a random piece of wood with a hammer. "Well... still flat... that's about enough for today!" At least he wears appropriate safety gear while doing so.

    Also, worse than reusing a joke, I think it's kind of weak that they already established that Dag can remember (and plan for) Blondie's birthday, but apparently forgets Mother's Day? It's almost as though these characters are just a loose collection of traits that are only brought out in service of a gag, with no underlying depth or character development... oh wait.

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