Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Curtis: I ... think I can HEAR you THINK!

To summarize this Curtis story so far:
Curtis went over to his token white friend Gunk's house. He saw some peanuts on the table and declared for no particular reason that some people have terrible peanut allergies, but he's glad he doesn't. He ate the entire bowl of peanuts in one mouthful. Gunk cried out to stop him, but it was too late. Now it turns out that the peanuts are actually Flyspeck Island peanuts, which evidently carry the horrible side effect of telepathy. And now Curtis is dazed and confused.
No, I have no idea what the fuck to make of any of this.

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  1. Justin: Clearly, you are out of touch with the allegorical meaning of Flyspeck Island, an obvious reference to Atlantis, which empowers initiates with telepathic power as well as many other higher states of consciousness. "Peanut" refers to the seed of knowledge that, once planted within one's heart and soul, becomes an image of the Edenic tree of knowledge. This is the tree we climb, limb by limb to the very crown of wisdom, such that we can see the forest and not just the tree, a broad vista of insight and inspiration that liberates the human soul from the vanity and vagueries of common life. I'm surprised -- no, utterly astonished -- that someone of your considerable interest in comic strips was not able to penetrate these mysteries. Better luck next time.