Monday, November 23, 2009

Family Circus: I can't come out--my grandma and granddad just got here and I get to play with THEM.

Keane Inc. generally depicts the Keane kids as horrifying little gremlins bent on destroying their parents' lives.

They have a completely different relationship with their grandparents, however. Indeed, the Keane kids seem to be obsessed with loving and respecting and helping and spending lots of time with and extolling the wisdom of their grandparents. It's almost as though Keane Inc. were tailoring its characters' behavior to indulge the fantasies of a certain a demographic that makes up a large portion of The Family Circus' readership. Odd, that.

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  1. Is the Billster talking through glass, or have the Keanes created an adult-sized doggie door hole through their front door? Or, perhaps the most logical option: Billy's "friends" have that dumb look because they can't hear a thing Billy is saying through a door.