Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Family Circus: Mommy, am I finished with my bath?

Jaime Weinman tweets:
Who can explain Jeff Keane's compulsion to show his alter-ego's naked butt? A psychiatrist? @JustinFowler? Who?
A psychiatrist is clearly in order, but here are a few theories:
  1. As previously discussed on this fine blog, Jeff Keane is using the family cartoon as an outlet for his repressed exhibitionist--and possibly oedipal--urges.
  2. Jeff Keane views his alter-ego's ass as some sort of Platonic ideal by which we should assess all other asses.
  3. Jeff Keane is hoping that gratuitous nudity will distract readers from noticing his cartoon's obvious lack of artistic quality.
  4. Jeff Keane is attempting to appeal to a new demographic.
  5. Jeff Keane usually goes pantsless and is just trying to be true to life.
Any other theories, readers?

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