Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pluggers don't follow the path least taken...they create a new path.

And then, of course, pluggers have massive coronaries and die in the woods, on account of their morbid obesity.*

*Male pluggers, anyway.


  1. The thing that really bothers me about this particular strip is that it's COMPLETELY UNTRUE. Pluggers are not trailblazers. Pluggers bitch about people changing things while waiting to die.

  2. At first glance this cartoon would appear to be in direct contradiction to the plugger's general stick-in-the-mud "common sense" conservatism.

    But I don't think it's necessarily unlikely that this is how a plugger would see himself. For example, I imagine a lot of small business owners would identify as pluggers, and they are risk-takers. Taking it more literally, I imagine there are plenty of crazy, old, Ron Paul-voting, gold-hording, tax-evading, libertarian types who would be perfectly content to live like a hermit in a cabin in the middle of nowhere who would also identify as pluggers. You see, while generally Republican, the Plugger party isn't like the GOP. Pluggers like to keep their tent big. As the cartoon's description says, it represents "80 percent of the population."

    (Alternatively, Gary Brookins is a hack who is far more lazy than he is coherent.)