Monday, June 8, 2009

Brevity: King of Beepers

Considering the constraints of the single-panel cartoon, Brevity couldn't really have done this joke any better. Beyond the mere gag of nobody using beepers any more, it actually does a pretty good job of establishing the character, which is impressive considering it's not someone we've ever seen before or will ever see again.

Unfortunately, 30 Rock did its own variation on the exact same joke, and Brevity's version pales rather harshly in comparison.


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  2. Re: "it's not someone we've ever seen before"
    Yes we have: that's J & J King of Beepers from the 90s commercials, all looked "local." I remember them from Las Vegas, but a google search reveals that they had locations in California, Arizona and Texas as well (all would make sense with the desert landscape in the cartoon)